Sharing my passion with you.

Bonjour!  Bienvenu to our French Antiques Shop!  My name is Nancy and I live in the Seattle area...I am an American, but in many ways I am French. I lived growing up in French Morocco for 8 years and in the Loire Valley of France for six years as a teenager. I have also lived in Canada for 11 years.

I have always been fascinated with Antique matter where I go I always seem to end up in an Antique Shop or outside market of some sort...I've had this passion since I was a teenage. I used to laugh when I was a flight attendant and tell people I flew for the shopping, as that seemed to be what we did on our lay-overs.

I started posting items from France on our cooking website, (we have a French Specialty Cooking School in the suburbs of Seattle, and then when I found out how about Etsy, it was a no brainer for me to put some effort into selling items that I've acquired along my travels. Being a seller has always had an appeal to me, as I've always thought that buying things and selling them would be great fun...and here I am doing that now!

These days it's mainly to France that I do my buying. My daughter lives in the suburbs of Paris and when we're together we spend our Saturdays and Sundays traveling to the towns around where she lives and walk the flea markets and broccants. It's our special Mother and Daughter time. 

I go to France two or three times a year to spend time with her and her little family and I also travel to other provinces to visit with friends and family. My Mother was French...I really only settled back in the USA in 1981.

As I get older I think about retiring and wonder what I would do with myself with so much time on my hands...this venture may just be the segue into re-inventing myself.

Tous mes objets sont soit des objets anciens de brocante ou antiquités, soit des objets d’occasion plus ou moins récents. A ce titre, ils ont des marques du temps et d’usage que j’essaye de signaler au mieux en mettant plusieurs photos et en décrivant l’objet.